A Tale of two Parkside’s

Now for a tale of two Parksides…..

I haven’t been well for the last couple of weeks which sadly caused me to miss out on York show but I have managed to do a little bit and finish another couple of lurkers on the bench.

Some may recall this being constructed some time ago it’s one of Parkside’s latest kits.

LNER Horsebox 001 LNER Horsebox 002 LNER Horsebox 003 LNER Horsebox 004 LNER Horsebox 005 LNER Horsebox 006

Those that recall it may remember that I modelled the vents in the toilet compartment in the open position which seemed like a great idea at the time. They were the absolute devil to glaze…..

The opaque windows are made from the plastic trays that chinese takeaways come in. I keep them for strage of parts during builds but realised that some of them are obscure enough for the window glazing job.

Thanks also have to go to a gent called Paul Gallon (who posts on RMWeb under the handle of Worsell Forever) who pointed me in the direction of the Vallejo equivalent of LNER coach brown (Game Colour Flat Earth) as I fine the acrylics so much easier to get on with for spraying and cleaning up. I still need to make up some brass vacuum pies to replace the whitemetal ones supplied then it’s off for a light weathering as it would be another newish one in my time frame

Followed by what could be one of their first kits an NBR 8 ton outside framed van.
I picked this up second hand. It still has solid unsprung buffers and a very plain underframe. Still a nice kit that makes up well enough.

LNER Horsebox 007 LNER Horsebox 008 LNER Horsebox 009