Lamp Irons – Milled

Finding myself at the point of fitting lamp irons I was muttering about fold up etched version provided in kits and the fact that I ould buy some cast ones from Laurie Griffin et, al but I only needed 3 of one type and a couple of another. Then I recalled having some milled angle with one leg longer than the other which I had used for replacement step boards on the Slaters LNER brake van. I was sure I had some off cuts but they are stashed somewhere safe so while they resurface I thought about the more conventional type. I had once seen some made by silver soldering a strip at right angles to a another to recreate the shape when sawn of in strips but couldn’t find the page that I had seen it on.

This brought to mind why don’t I mill some. When we moved we had a drawer full of 13 amp plugs that I had removed from appliances before binning them. Knowing that we would never use so many plugs I took them apart and removed the pins (solid brass) for potential future material and binned the rest. Fortunately I knew exactly where they were so I set to this evening and milled one to shape.

Once I had the basic shape I then cut it into strips using a razor saw. Having proved the concept next time I make some I will use a slitting saw. I had thought about using it on these but didn’t think that the milled shape would stand the cutting forces.

DA Princess Milled Lamp irons