Milled Lamp Irons MKII

On the back of this morning’s discussions I had another go and used the Slitting saw to separate them. With much more precise results.

Milled Lamp Irons MKII – Milled ready for slitting

This is the basic shape milled from another plug

Milled Lamp Irons MKII – straight off the mill

Then cut with a 0.5mm slitting saw. My first go with the slitting saw that I got for my birthday a couple of months ago. Very nerve wracking!!!

Milled Lamp Irons MKII – After a bit of cleaning up with a file

After a brief clean up with a diamond file.

Millled lamp Irons MKII- after cutting of the main pin

Finally cut off from the main pin. as long as I don’t lose any I have one spare at the minute.