Coaches on the Horizon

All the while, I have been building locos and rolling stock. But it’s only recently that I realised that I only have one coach (that’s built at any rate). My very first 7mm scale kit was a CRT LMS 50′ Full Brake coach that Chris bought me for Christmas a few years ago. In the shelf queen pile I have a Slaters Midland coach that is well on it’s way to being complete (it just needs the bogies and a few underframe details. The un-started stash holds quite a variety- A couple of JLRT Gresley’s, a Newbold Models Gresley Buffet, a couple of Sidelines LMS Period III gangways and a couple of Inspection Saloons (an LMS kit again from Sidelines and a Midland diagram that I believe is¬†originally¬†a Janick kit). Some time ago I have a look in the JLRT boxes and noticed that one of the coach sides was damaged so I got a replacement from JLRT. At the time they sent a pair so I let a friend have the damaged one to practice painting on and I kept the good one.

So having covered the preamble I get to the point. I dug out the spare JLRT side and gave it a coat of JLRT spray away teak under coat and four coats of Ronseal Teak varnish (the water based variety).

Which gave me this:



I also made some samples up from plasticard and painted them with various layers of varnish using both the JLRT base coat and some peach acrylic that I have had success with in the past on 4mm scale teak coaches.

Coach sides 005


I also tried adding some lining to some of the samples

Coach sides 001


At the same time I lined the coach side itself using a Peter Spoorer lining pen which is a poor man’s version of a Bob Moore Lining pen and neat enamel straight from the tin with just a good stir.

Coach sides 012 Coach sides 011