Back to building….

I took up the building reins again in between bouts of weathering over the wet and dismal weekend. Next up is another simple project in the form of a pair of CR/LMS 8 ton Timber and Ore wagons. One is the original Majestic Models kit and the 2nd is the same kit as produced by Dragon Models under the Celtic Connection banner. The kits are a little basic but form the basis on which to add some additional details if you wish and come in as a very cheap addition to the stock box – £8 for the first kit via eBay and £20 for the second from Dragon. The sides are formed from two layers of etch which have separate hinge detail applied (I also added some rod to represent the hinge pins)and the ends and sole bars are whitemetal castings. There was a sheet of brass supplied with the Majestic kit for the floor but Dragon supply a sheet of planked plasticard. I replaced this with a bit of scrap nickel etch from the 8F kit which was just the right width. This allowed me to solder all the way making for solid construction – they weigh a bit too!


IMG_6683 IMG_6684 IMG_6685 IMG_6686