It’s the details that matter…..

Meanwhile I managed to finish painting, weathering and adding the details to the tender truck.



The pieces of timber are coffee stirrers cut lengthways, and I am particularly pleased with the bundles of rope which are made from 4 strands of 32 gauge brass beading wire, twisted together in a couple of pin vices. This was them wound around a lolly type stick to get the length of coil and further wound around itself then it was blackened and dipped in the mix of paint that I used for weathering the inside of the cattle wagons featured earlier.

The lamp is by Slaters and the hammer another one of the Peter Roles castings.

IMG_6680 IMG_6682 IMG_6681

I have also taken a few pictures of the various stages of the weathering process on this and a couple more vans that I am on with and will post then to my weathering thread later.