Dragon Models Cambrian/LMS 30 ton bogie coal wagon – ready for coaling…

All today’s modelling time has been spent putting the transfers on the bogie coal wagon. Unusually these wagons seem to have had four sets of numbers on sides and ends. Thankfully I have quite a few sets of partially used Slaters MR/LMS wagon transfers in stock that I was able get the numbers from. I must admit that I much prefer methfix transfers to pressfix these days. When I first tried them I didn’t really get on with them but by chance I discovered that the recommended 3:1 mix of meths was too strong. I probably use 5 or 5:1 now and find them really user friendly allowing much adjustment to take place before letting them set.

So here it is just awaiting coaling and weathering – which Chris is just about to start on.

The white stuff just visible in the first photo is a piece of the plastic foam that electrical goods come in these days in place of polystyrene.

IMG_5691 IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5694 IMG_5695