More on the Midland Van

All has been quiet on the modelling front due to my preparing for and having an interview. I was thankfully successful so I start my new role in late July.

This was followed by taking Chris’s paintings along to be adjudicated for membership of the Guild of Railway Artists by the guild council (she had already been told that she would be accepted based on the photos that we submitted but it was nice to have it confirmed and have the opportunity to meet a few of the top railway artists in this country.

So all in all the only bit of modelling that I have achieved in the last month has been fitting a roof hatch to the Midland van and painting it ready for transfers. I got the idea for the roof hatch from the Midland Wagon book by Bob Essery in which he has a drawing but no photo (and none in existence that he knows of). So I am not 100% certain that it it strictly accurate but it looks okay to me. ¬†One of my first successes in scratch building with plasticard…..

Midland 8 ton van 001 Midland 8 ton van 002 Midland 8 ton van 003 Midland 8 ton van 004 Midland 8 ton van 005 Midland 8 ton van 006