Kirk Twins Coach Bogie Mounting/Connections

Further to my last post I was asked to take some photos of the actual connection between the two coaches.

Kirk Twins – Bogie mounting brackets
Kirk Twins – Bogie mounting brackets
Kirk Twins – Bogie mounting brackets

Due to the tin overlay that I had added to the headstock I decided on the belt and braces pins right through approach to hopefully prevent them coming apart.

More on the Kirk Twins

Having got the Beer wagons finished I don’t seem to have much to show for recent modelling session until now.
Last weekend after teaching my car to swim in a flood or two I made some visible progress on the Kirk twins.
Rain strips fitted – very topical, step boards fitted both from Evergreen strip which comes in longer lengths than the equivalent Plastruct and is just long enough for the 51 footers. I am not sure what I will use for the 4 60′ corridor coaches I have in the stash.
I also sorted out the articulation between the coaches and made top hat bush to set the centre ride height.

Now all I need to do ir remember where I put the turnbuckle castings for safe keeping after drilling them out and I can crack on with the remaining underframe detailing.